PRINTMiyakoshi Digital Press-5000

Miyakoshi Digital Press-5000

Actualizes high quality approaching to offset printing by usage of ultrafine particle liquid toner.
The digital press for new generation combines variable printing with high quality.




EDirect Mail


EPublication printing

EOther commercial printing


  • Variable data printing
    Expands business chance with new product with added value by printing variable data on each page.
  • Prints variable products and small lot with short lead time
    Assists to incorporate small lot, variable, and short lead-time products that are required in current market needs, and not supported with current printing equipments, as core business.
  • Shorter job change time and reduce stock
    Lowers labor and inventory cost to generate more profitable condition.
  • Low running cost
    On demand printer essentially identical to the printing quality and productivity of offset printing.
    Roll paper feeding enables to integrate variable post processing unit.

Main Features

  • High quality image digital press with a high resolution of 1,200dpi x 1,200dpi
    By introducing ultrafine particle liquid toner and electrophotographic system, it enables high quality variable printing which is comparable with offset quality.
    Involving a factor of variable printing to the commercial printing field, create a new high added value printing.
  • High productive liquid toner electrophotographic sheet-fed digital press
    Achieving the fastest output speed in the world with 100m/min for liquid toner base, electrophotographic printer by implementing tandem system.
    The digital press for new generation combining high productivity with high quality supports new on demand market.
  • Operating condition
    Operation and maintenance work is largely reduced with auto control system of toner density, auto printing pressure adjusting function, and cassette type print unit.
  • High precision transport technology
    The technology of web offset printing press that Miyakoshi has been accumulated is introduced.
    High stability and precise printing is possible with Miyakoshi original paper transport mechanism.
    Variable long size printing and banner advertising printing are possible with application of endless bracket.
  • Pre/Post processing units (optional)
    Based on the know-how, Miyakoshi has been accumulated for many years with experiences of web offset printing press and its processing units, we are confident to provide customers our printer with a variety of processing unit.
    (Marginal Punch, File Punch, Vertical Perforation, Cross Perforation, Slitter, Sheet-Cut, Folder etcc)

Main specifications

Printing method Electrophotographic
Toner Formulation Ultrafine particle liquid toner
Max. print width 487mm
Max. Paper Width 520.7mm
Resolution 1,200dpi x 1,200dpi
Number of color 4/0 or 4/4 color
Printing speed 100m/min (planning 120m/min in future)
Usable Toner Liquid toner (CMYK)
Fusing Method Infrared Heater + Fusing Roll System
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